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NNEREN recently decided, without any input from the membership, to change MLS providers. What we now have, Paragon, is a cumbersome, unworkable nightmare.

Searches are impossible. Finding fields and options is impossible. MLS printouts are four page long rather that one with un-needed information. There are no other words to describe except it sucks!

I've sold for thirty + years and used various MLS products. I don't even have any desire to login, because it sucks so bad, but I have to in order to conduct business. I assume if I spend thousands of hours I may be able to figure out how to customize and make this piece of sh-- work, but that isn't my should be seamless and intuitive.

Our last system was far superior and very easy to use in comparison to to this! This is not disgruntled, this the emotions of being betrayed by our MLS and Realtor organizations.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1255712

I agree 1000% . I am debating a new career.

to JP #1343653

If you guys are still using this software,as agents I'm sure your frustrated,angry and upset,try supporting it. The horror stories I could tell you about it would just be sickening.

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